Why Kef?

Why KEF?


Kef International Relocations is unique among shipping companies in Israel. Founded in 1979, by Anglo immigrants, Kef International is by far the oldest and most experienced shipping company serving new immigrants in Israel.   If you are looking for the best shipping company in Israel to make your Aliya as smooth as possible, then you have come to the right place.


Helping You from Door-to-Door

The relocation process begins with our unique Pre-Move Advice which includes free consultations with our experts.  We also provide valuable information and tips including in easy-to-use brochures, spreadsheets, and info-graphics.  And we offer acclaimed live and recorded webinars on the shipping process, all tailored to the customers’ needs.   Check out our Resources page for more information.  Finally, we offer free onsite evaluations at the moving site with moving experts.

Clear, Custom Tailored Price Quotes

After helping you decide what type of shipment is right for you, Kef gives you a clear price quote with no hidden costs.  In this business, there are always potential extra costs, and kef gives you a clear picture of what to expect so you can budget properly for your move and avoid the stress of surprises.

Professional Care and Packing

On moving day, Kef utilizes its extensive and long-established relationships with packers and agents around the globe, to offer you our customer professional packing teams who use the highest quality materials and methods to pack your possessions.

Clear and Timely Communication

After your shipment has been packed and picked up, Kef has a unique system of communications, updates, and tracking, which allows you to receive timely information about your shipment such as sailing date and estimated date of arrival at the destination.  Our English speaking staff of move managers will make your move as easy as possible from door to door.

Customs Clearing Made Easy

The customs clearing process with Kef is made simple for you.  We guide you with clear instructions of what you need to do and what documents we need from you, so that you can avoid headaches with Customs and minimize the fees you pay at the destination port.  Kef uses one of the finest and most well established customs clearers in Israel, and you the customer can greatly benefit from having such a knowledgeable and experienced team to handle your shipment.

In-Home Delivery

We work with the top notch delivery teams for all of our deliveries in Israel and abroad, and we are here to make sure your move is completed with the same level of commitment to service and to our customers’ needs that we emphasize throughout the moving process.

Reliable Insurance Coverage

In the case, that you do have an insurance claim, Kef has a decades long relationship with our insurance company.  This means you will really get the marine insurance coverage that you pay for, and Kef is there to help you with the claims process.  This is unique among shippers as it is a known problem that many marine insurance companies are difficult to deal with when it comes to a claim.

Kef International

So all of these factors, contribute to answer the question “Why Kef” ?
If you are looking for an honest, affordable, and reliable shipping company, with decades of experience who works tirelessly to provide the best service for its customers, then you have come to the right place.
  • The Kef team was wonderful to work with.  They were immediately responsive to questions and willing to clarify anything we did not fully understand.  They made the move of our goods smooth and stress free. We appreciated their advice and their handling everything from the landing of the goods to their arrival and placement in our apartment .

    Lisa Schachter
    Lisa Schachter Moved from Cleveland, Nov 2015
  • We'd recommend using Kef. Our lift arrived on time and in good shape. Crews on either end were helpful and professional.

    Ovi and Michal Jacob
    Ovi and Michal Jacob Moved from New Milford, NJ to Modiin, Aug 2015
  • Kef made our move efficient and easy. We got so much information from them about absolutely everything we needed to know- documentation, scheduling, customs, even what to pack and what to leave. The packing and delivery teams worked quickly and neatly, and were so patient with us and careful with our stuff. Thank you, Kef, for bringing us home!

    Deena Shulman Moved from Forest Hills to RBS, Aug 2015
  • I had a great experience with Kef. Every one has provided great customer service. If I had to do it over again, I would pick Kef. The staff was professional and courteous. Thank you Kef!

    Yohanan Rodriguez Moved to Beer Sheva, Oct 2015
  • From the pickup to the delivery, and all of the in between, Kef International has satisfied our needs, responded to our questions in a timely fashion. We are very appreciative.

    Henny Chanina Moved from Crown Heights, Sep 2015


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