Shipping To Israel

Shipping To Israel

Shipping to Israel has never been easier. Kef International helps clients from all parts of the globe make Aliyah to Israel with the least amount of difficulty along the way. If you’re making a move to Israel, you may have come across complicated or frustrating regulations regarding customs, shipping or taxes. Feel free to contact a specialist from Kef who can assist you in managing a smooth relocation to Israel.

Turn to Kef for more than 37 years of experience in helping their clients with the ins and outs of navigating a stress-free move to Israel. From pre-move advice from experts to door-to-door services that include packing, transport to the ship, and even delivery right to your door, Kef won’t leave you in the dark when it comes to shipping to Israel. Clients appreciate a transparent contract with all fees out in the open- and Kef International is staffed by Olim who know the shipping process intimately and are committed to saving you money whenever possible.

Download the essential information guide for shipping to Israel, found on the home page by scrolling down to the bottom of the page. If you’re looking for detailed advice, feel free to sign up for the free Webinar titled Everything You Need to Know About Shipping to Israel. You’ll find both of these resources are valuable when making plans to make Aliyah. If you’re still in the process of researching agencies for your move, consider a few of the benefits of hiring Kef International to assist you:

Professional, Reliable Packing Services

Kef International is often asked by clients whether it would save them money to do their own packing. The answer to this question is a consistent one- saving money on packing should not be the prime objective. Getting your belongings to Israel in one piece, on time and in a single delivery outweighs the small amount of savings you may experience by doing it yourself. Shipping to Israel requires professional expertise and skill.

Customs Clearing With No Headaches

With the help of Kef’s experts, you can minimize fees at the port and experience a smooth transport of your items. This is one area where the client can truly benefit from working with a company that has a great relationship with a complex agency, in this case, a customs clearer.

The Right Amount of Coverage is Key to Your Move

In the event that you have to file an insurance claim, you’ll be grateful you hired an agency with the fortitude to recommend the appropriate amount of coverage. Kef International will not only help you select the coverage you need for your belongings, they’ll also be there to assist with the claims process if you have to deal with a claim.

Discover why so many customers shipping to Israel choose Kef International to help when making Aliyah. Click on the ‘Resources’ link on the home page for more information or call a knowledgeable agent from Kef at 866-425-5224.

Shipping To Israel
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