Shipping From Israel

Shipping From Israel

Shipping from Israel may not be as difficult as you thought it would be. With the help of Kef International, your shipment coming from Israel can be more easily managed and better protected. We highly recommend contacting a specialist from Kef regarding your shipment to ensure the right size of container and skilled packing of your goods.

Are you moving from Israel? If so, you may have heard that shipping can be a nightmare. While that may be true for anyone trying to pack and ship items on their own, the fact is, Kef International can manage every detail of your move so you can spend your time taking care of other matters. Kef offers a start-to-finish service that include complete packing, delivery and shipping of your goods to get them where they’re going safely and reliably. Kef International has provided quality moving and logistics since 1979, and continues to be a dedicated service provider to clients looking for shipping from Israel.

Get started by browsing the resources on the website, where you’ll find a wealth of information to help you with the process of exporting your belongings from Israel. First, determine the type of shipment you’ll require, from LCL, or less than full container loads, to FCL, or full container loads. A LCL can ensure your items are properly crated or bound on wooden pallets while a FCL will be selected by size to meet the needs of your volume as indicated by the online volume estimator or by Kef experts.

The expertise and knowledge of Kef’s specialists will work to save you money on shipping from Israel. Knowing the tips and tricks of the trade can make a huge difference in the amount you will pay on shipping. For example, if you have overflow items that did not fit in your shipping container, you may be tempted to ship the overflow by LCL, in creates or on pallets. This often costs more than just upgrading to the next size of shipping container. Rely on the skills of Kef International for the lowest price on shipping from Israel as many others before you have done, with great success.

As soon as you learn you will need to make arrangements for shipping from Israel, contact Kef International to begin logistics planning. Visit their website and download their informative Shipping Guide for an easy-access information sheet that will prove to be a tremendous benefit during the process. Feel free to watch Kef’s online Webinar that has been previously recorded, or plan to attend an upcoming live Webinar. Call 866-425-5224 for personal attention from the dedicated staff at Kef International.

Schedule a free consultation with Kef and allow their experts to answer your questions, explain the shipping process and provide you with qualified advice on shipping from Israel or send your questions in the form of an email to You’ll be glad you called the pros who can help to save you money on your upcoming shipment.

Shipping From Israel
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