Moving To Israel

Moving To Israel

Moving to Israel can be exciting yet somewhat difficult. If you need help from experts during the process of making Aliyah, contact the pros from Kef International by calling 866-425-5224. Their website is set up to be an extensive resource of valuable information to ensure a seamless process of moving to Israel. Aliyah shipping does not have to be stressful- contact Kef International to learn more.

Kef provides exceptional pre-move advice for clients moving to Israel, including online tools designed to estimate the volume of your belongings, options in shipping and complete, door-to-door service that includes professional packing of your goods. Kef can even provide delivery right to your door, for a stress-free moving experience you won’t find with another agency. Request a shipping quote or schedule a consultation with one of Kef’s specialists by filling out the online form with some basic information.

Take advantage of the free online resources to learn more about making Aliyah. Enjoy one of the free pre-recorded Webinars or sign up to attend an upcoming live event that will provide valuable information regarding your upcoming move to Israel. Don’t forget to click on the FAQ link located at the top of the home page for answers to some of the most commonly asked questions regarding moving to Israel. As a client, you’ll likely be interested in finding out:

    How long it will be until the client can get their belongings How long it will take to determine the final weight and volume of items being shipped Should clients pack their own goods to save money? Will Kef’s specialists be at the pickup or delivery? Information on items of special value Making sure items are properly insured How to label goods Whether you are required to be home during packing Assisting packers with assembly and disassembly Proper packing of furniture Taxable items Fluctuations in weight from estimated to actual And much more

If you are a new immigrant moving to Israel, you may bring 3 shipments of appliances and household items into Israel at ‘Tax-Free’ status, paying no customs taxes whatsoever, from any country in the world. New Immigrants are considered Olim Chadashim. Under this status you may even import a car with a significant reduction in taxes. If you are shipping items not typically found in a house, check with Kef’s specialists to determine if they qualify as tax-free.

Please read the complete list of Tax-Free items, Permitted & Taxable Items, and Forbidden items to help make the shipping process go smoothly. Kef International can provide answers to all of your shipping questions when you call 866-425-5224.

Feel free to download the complete Shipping Guide from Kef’s website- an easy-access guide to all shipping information you’ll need while moving to Israel. Learn more about obtaining marine insurance, affordable delivery, full packing services and more- all from the website. Let Kef International lend their 37 years of experience to your move.

Moving To Israel
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