Marine Insurance

We recommend Lump Sum Marine insurance.    It provides broad "all risk" coverage for your entire shipment and is easy to do.      Click on the Lump Sum Marine Insurance spreadsheet below.  Fill it in including any items or groups to insure for over $1,500.      Then send it to:

All billing and insurance emails go to her as well ffice at  Joan Gadon can be reached by phone from Sunday to Thursday 8 am-3 pm Israel time.  

The phone number from the USA/Canada is 1-866-425-5224 extension 103

The phone number in Israel is 02-673-5043 extension 103

You can also contact Neil Kummer (extension 101) at to schedule a time to speak to him if you are unable to reach Joan.

*It is important that you also indicate which deductible you are choosing.

Your Marine Insurance must be completed at least ONE WEEK before your origin pickup/packing date

Lump Sum Marine Insurance Spreadsheet

Lump Sum coverage is the easiest option for marine insurance. The volume of your shipment--plus your list of "high value items" determines its insured value.

Marine Insurance Policy example

This is an example marine insurance policy.

Important Marine Insurance Info

Please read this important marine insurance info.

Please return completed relevant marine insurance spreadsheet to