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  If you want good advise on making Aliyah, then go to the experts – real Olim. We asked Olim from all over what they thought were the most important things to know when making Aliyah and put it together in this post. We hope you find the next 10 pieces of advise as helpful as the Olim that provided them thought they were, and, of course, if you need any shipping info for your lift, feel free to be in touch.   Don’t take yourself too seriously Living in Israel, don't be so serious When you move to Israel, you’re signing yourself up for a constant family get together. From a mother being told how to care for her baby on the train to a salesman telling you you’re overweight, Israeli’s are very comfortable getting comfortable. The one-big-family mentality that middle easterners are renowned for may shock westerners, but it is (usually) coming from a good place. “I scratch your back, you scratch mine”. So when you’re making Aliyah, make sure you develop the necessary space within your ego and mindset to not take yourself, or anyone, too seriously.   Bring an extra dose of patience and tolerance When you make Aliyah, know that nothing comes easily. Finances, the health system, schooling and everyday occurrences usually happen with a story. Olim suggest a very wise piece of advice, “Bring an extra dose of patience and tolerance” to help you survive the bureaucracy, transportation, phone companies, and much more.   Come with a sense of humor and an open mind So much of life in Israel can be frustrating for the westerner that is used to a “smooth” life and friendly customer service, but Olim reiterate over and again that the only way to survive the, sometimes overwhelming, change is to come to Israel with a sense of humor and an open mind. Having a good attitude and a ready smile can help any newcomer get through the strangest scenarios.   Don’t think of “there” as “back home” Move to Israel, thinking o fhome It can be hard not to miss certain aspects of your origin city once you move, but most people making Aliyah have a specific reason – Israel is home. Home to the Jewish people for thousands of years, their Promised Land, the golden stone and dusty roads have a supernaturally special place in many Jewish hearts. While the changing leaves, holiday tunes, summer resorts, and much more may be nostalgic for so many, keeping the focus on the idealistic reasons one has made Aliyah is important for a successful move. Family may even be “back home”, so making sure to create “family” in Israel is essential to staying positive, feeling supported, and not becoming lonely. With the right support system, a positive attitude and reminders of why you live in Israel, “there” will remain “there” and “home” will be “here”.   Go on tiyulim! Tiyulim, or trips, are an important part of the Israeli culture. During vacations, on long weekends, and any other free time, Israelis enjoy going on hikes, finding a new area to explore and appreciating the beautiful nature that surrounds them. From top to bottom, the country hosts several different climates. Up north, it is mountainous, rainy, green, full of trees and even snowy in the winter. Down south, there is a large desert with beautiful sandy dunes, volcanic craters and more. The hiking trails and parks are packed on holidays, so head out early to avoid the traffic and make sure to integrate this essential part of Israeli culture into your new life. negev, Israel, go on tiyulim   Think in shekel right away, not in your former currency It might be hard to spend hundreds when it comes to shopping for a simple sweater, a few food items or a lamp (!), but thinking in shekel is very important. Whatever it may be, whether cheaper or more expensive, you don’t want to start comparing prices to where you came from. Cost of living in Israel is different than where you lived originally, so price comparing for specific items is not necessarily helpful, sometimes concerning, and more than anything makes you into a foreigner.   Celebrate the little moments along the way It is important to recognize and truly celebrate the little moments along the way. Making the move to Israel can be demanding, but when you set time aside to reflect and appreciate the little things, everyday can become a short story of heroism, love or adventure. Living in Israel, enjoying the moment   Enjoy! Great things happen here ALL the time! Losing your wallet might be a balagan, but in Israel it could be more than just a happy ending. The Jewish People are always putting up lost and found signs to help out an unknown friend, creating amazing stories and great experiences. Not only with lost objects, but friendly help from someone riding the bus with you, or a gesture of kindness from a random person waiting in line at the same bureaucratic office, surprising, heartwarming and amazing things happen in Israel ALL the time!   Life is more fulfilling here on a whole other level. Words can hardly do this point justice. Most people find that there is a feeling of satisfaction and fulfillment that comes with living, struggling, surviving and enjoying life in Israel. Leaving your homeland, family, friends and your familiar surroundings cannot be easy, but many Olim find that living in Israel is a very special gift and changes life for the better.   Living in Israel is better than anything you can imagine. Words from real people. Can’t argue with the many that find this point true. It might come with challenges and some people succumb to the pressures, but many people that have moved to Israel think it is better than they, or you, could have ever imagined.   Making Aliyah, camels in Israel And most importantly, enjoy the ride.
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