Unless you are retired, studying, going into the army or independently wealthy, finding a job is your first priority when moving to Israel.
Some people  who move to Israel are able to live off a mix of government stipends and personal savings during their first few months in Israel. Many choose to attend a government-approved ulpan and learn Hebrew. New olim are eligible for 500 hours of free ulpan. Since full-time ulpan study is generally 25 hours per week, this translates into five months.
For those who are not able to take off five months or are not able to work half-days, work is the way to go. Some people may be able to secure a job offer before their move, usually doing an interview during the pilot trip.  Some employers may even be willing to extend an offer without an in-person interview, however this is rare.
A number of Israeli websites, such as Israemploy, offer daily English-language job listings and a database that’s searchable by location, specialty, industry and other categories. Non-profit organizations like Nefesh b’Nefesh, which provide financial and logistical support for people moving to Israel, also offer employment services.  In addtion, there are several LinkedIn and Facebook groups that provide job leads and networking opportunities.
Some people are fortunate enough to bring their jobs from their home countries with them. Many people moving to Israel from the US, UK, Canada and other English-speaking countries continue to work for their old employers, either via telecommuting or traveling back and forth.  The latter option may be grueling for the commuter and the commuter’s family, but it’s an option that many find viable for them. In professions like medicine, where salaries in Israel are significantly lower than in North America and the UK, some sort of telecommuting or commuting arrangement may be the only way to even approach the pre-aliyah income level.

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