You’re never too old to move to Israel. Every year, 250 to 300 English-speakers over age 75 make aliyah, including people in their 90s and even in their 100s.

Oldest couple to make Aliyah
Seniors move to Israel for many reasons: to join family members, to fulfill life-long Zionist dreams, to engage in religious studies, to enjoy a milder climate, or to embark on new adventures.
Although olim who make aliyah after age 60 are generally not eligible for a standard Israeli government pension, they can continue to collect pensions from the US, Canada, theUK, and other countries where they’re eligible.
Israel is not considered a “bargain” destination for retirees, but seniors who move from urban centers and upscale suburbs to less central areas in Israel may find their housing costs lower, especially if they move to smaller quarters in the process.
Moving provides an opportunity to de-clutter and decide which belongings are the most important to you. The process involves a balancing of comfort, cost, practicality, and sentimental attachment. The typical Israeli apartment may not accommodate a king-size bed, a grand piano, or a dining table that seats 16. If those things are important to you, you’ll need to invest in a larger-than-average living space.
Even if you’re downsizing and parting with larger items, you may want to buy and ship new furniture or appliances. Home furnishings in Israel are often more expensive and of lower quality than elsewhere. And of course in a small country the selection is more limited.
Seniors may choose to live independently, with family, or in retirement communities, including assisted living centers. Options include facilities that have English-speaking residents and staff.
Many areas have numerous formal and informal social and enrichment options for English-speaking seniors, including religious studies, sports and hiking, cultural events, theater and singing groups, and volunteer opportunities.
Nefesh b’Nefesh Guide to Aliyah for Seniors
Retirement Centers in Israel
Retirement Housing Options in Israel

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