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The North of Israel offers olim the rolling green hills of the Galilee, stunning views from the Golan Heights, and the fertile fields of the Jezreel and Jordan Valleys – as well as the cosmopolitan attractions of Haifa. The area abounds with national parks and reserves, hiking and biking trails, rivers for fishing and kayaking, archeological sites, orchards, and wineries.
Nefesh b’Nefesh’s new “Go North” program makes the region even more attractive for English speakers moving to Israel, with a special grant of up to $25,000 plus a vehicle subsidy of $16,000.
The Go North program has two tracks: the “Garin” (seed group) track to selected communities and the direct integration track for other communities.
The Garin track communities are:
Services for the Garin track include on-site support from NBN staff members, Hebrew language support in the schools, a local “buddy” family, employment assistance, and social programs.
The direct integration track includes:
NBN assistance for this track includes regional workshops on Aliyah issues, employment assistance, help with government bureaucracy, and social programs
The North of Israel includes several communities with large numbers of English speakers. These include:
Housing in the North tends to be much more affordable and spacious than in more central areas of Israel. A single-family home with a yard can be purchased for less than the cost of a small, run-down apartment in one of the major cities.
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