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Shipping Simplified

Kef simplifies the shipping process so you can move to Israel with peace of mind & confidence

Shipment type

Make the best decision for your move by understanding volume and the different shipment options.

Marine Insurance

Kef offers fair, responsible coverage for your shipment working with trusted insurance companies.


Kef provides full packing services and packing materials for your international move.


Choose your storage solution whether it is local, abroad, at the port, or in private or commercial storage.


Kef uses the finest delivery crews available to bring your shipment straight to your door.


Benefits of moving with KEF


Shipping to Israel for over 36 years, KEF knows all the ins and out to help you navigate your move.


From pre-move advice to your home delivery, KEF is with you door to door.


KEF is open and honest about all the details, so you can trust us, our word and our contract with no hidden fees.


We know the shipping process intimately and can help you with every step of the way.


  • Overall, packing, delivery, customer service and communication...all Great.  I am thankful for your all around excellent service!  

    MN Jerusalem to Los Angeles
  • Honestly loved using kef.... Honestly felt service was great, attention to detail, and communication... My lift came within 3 days which is insanely perfect timing and coordination.  Overall, packing, delivery, customer service..all great.   Kef went above and beyond at various points. Nothing broke and their staff treated our stuff like their own. We received our lift within 3 days of landing in Israel!! Happy to have received it and happy to work with a team like Kef. Give me a Kef shirt and I would be happy to be a walking billboard 🙂

    Scott Sheps New York/New Jersey, July 2018
  •  We highly recommend Kef International if you want "a piece of mind". They are a dedicated, professional and a caring company. They know how to get the job done. Everyone works to ensure a smooth transition from the bottom to top management. All are engaged in the process to please the client. We had an outstanding realtor, Frances Kummer, who brought comfort to us. She found us a beautiful apartment- just what we wanted. Frances and her husband, Neil ( owner of Kef International) knows what it is like making Aliyah. They are there for you. Just give them a call. You will not be disappointed. 

    Tziporah Pronman Hempstead, Long Island to Jerusalem, March 2018
  • overall experience: Great,  packing team : Great,  delivery team : Great, customer service and communication : Great Everything was smooth and simple. Costumer service was excellent!

    Jackie Bitensky Philadelphia to Jerusalem, Jan 2018
  • I have used Kef on several occasions over the years and have found them to be extremely reliable and helpful, and willing to go ״the extra mile״ to solve requests and problems that arise. questionnaire:   packing, delivery, customer service, communication : Great.  

    David Frankel Montreal to Tel Aviv, Jan 2018
  • Moving a lot in US, but never International, so all in would have to say excellent. Container arrived in Tel Aviv from New York in 4 & 1/2 weeks. Excellent careful handling and service all around. Very good, very careful crews packing and un-loading. Everyone on-time and exactly within finish time projections.  

    Diane Last Hewitt Hoboken to Tel Aviv Jan 2018
  • The team at Kef International were pleasant to work with, communicated well and were extremely efficient.  I wouldn't hesitate to use them in the future.

    Keith Monaco Maale Adumim to Harrisburg, PA Nov 2017
  • Very satisfied with the whole process, beginning to end.  Thank you! We found Kef's entire team to be responsible, professional, and a pleasure to work with.  Our interface with the company... was well-organized and thought out, and we received rapid responses to all our queries. The teams on both ends (pickup and delivery) were efficient, professional, hard-working, and friendly. Thank you! Survey:   Customer Communications and Service, Packing Team, and Delivery Team--all great.

    Elliott Novak Concord Massachusetts to Maale Adumim Nov 2017
  • From A to Z, everyone at Kef was professional and accessible. Survey:   Customer Communications and Service, Packing Team, and Delivery Team--all great.

    Stephanie Rabinowitz Baltimore to Jerusalem Nov 2017
  • Always a pleasure working with Kef! Everything felt seamless just like the first time we used Kef, and the people are all approachable, reliable and communicative. Thank you! Survey:   Customer Communications and Service, Packing Team, and Delivery Team--all great.

    Ilana Sarna Engelwood, NJ to Zichron Yaakov Nov 2017
  • I highly recommend Kef International. We sent a shipment from Toronto Canada to Jerusalem.  The staff at Kef were always available to answer questions, whether by e-mail or by phone. Both the packing team they used in Toronto and the delivery team they used in Jerusalem were excellent - polite and very capable, taking care of all our things. Survey:   Customer Communications and Service, Packing Team, and Delivery Team--all great.

    Yehudit Shier Weisberg Toronto to Jerusalem, Nov 2017
  • Kef did a great job and I appreciate it.   Kef's delivery of the container from Ashdod to the storage facility was excellent. All my communications with Kef have been handled in a timely, professional, and courteous manner. Survey:   Customer Communications and Service, Packing Team, and Delivery Team--all great.

    Diane Farhi Atlanta to Jerusalem, October 2017
  • I was very pleased with the quality of the service. I felt that the movers were very careful with our items and very respectful of our requests.  I highly recommend KEF! The movers were professional and courteous, and the staff at the office answered all of our questions promptly and patiently. It was altogether a much easier experience than I had anticipated. Survey:   Customer Communications and Service, Packing Team, and Delivery Team--all great.

    Hannah Landes Southfield, MI to Jerusalem, October 2017
  • Kef team was fast and responsive.  Helpful at every step.  (Agent) in US was likewise professional, flexible and prompt.  Delivery team in Israel... did their job just fine. Kef team is extremely helpful.  They anticipate needs and make it as easy as possible on the mover.

    David Bienenfeld Cincinnati to Ramat Beit Shemesh aleph, October 2017
  • Kef was on target the whole time. Constant communication with us in terms of financials and delivery. The packing and delivery teams on both sides were professional and courteous and did their jobs fast, but with expertise. Teams on both sides communicated constantly with us also as to what (we) wanted to ship, and then where we wanted to put things. Thanks for making a hard experience less hard. Survey:   Customer Communications and Service, Packing Team, and Delivery Team--all great.

    Brooklyn to Modiin September 2017
  • KEF made a move of 6000 miles across two continents seem like moving across town.  Everything was packed well. Nothing was damaged. The move into our apartment in Israel was extremely fast. Our shipment arrived as scheduled. Customer Service and Communications, Delivery Team, and Packing Team--all great.

    Gary Orin Riverdale, New York to Be'er Sheva Sep 2017
  • The delivery was smooth The cargo arrived on time Nothing was damaged The crew was very professional A very professional service Very positive approach Our entire home content arrived in one piece on time The delivery crew was amazingly professional and nice

    Gabriel Kozakov Moved from Sunnyvale, CA to Kfar Sava, Sep 2017
  • ...we were very happy with the experience and your staff is very nice and patient.

    Roberta Solomon Moved from Simi Valley, CA to Nahariya, Sep 2017
  • KEF made a move of 6000 miles across two continents seem like moving across town.  Everything was packed well.  Nothing was damaged.  The move into our apartment in Israel was extremely fast. Our shipment arrive as scheduled.    (Rating for packing, delivery, customer service and communication:  Great)

    Gary Orin Riverdale, NY to Be'er Sheva, Aug 2017
  • Kef was on target the whole time. Constant communication with us in terms of financials and delivery. The packing and delivery teams on both sides were professional and courteous and did their jobs fast, but with expertise. Teams on both sides communicated constantly with us also as to what wanted to ship, and then where we wanted to put things.

    YL-fnwpr Brooklyn to Modiin, Aug 2017
  • Adam and the team at KEF are the absolute best at what they do.  My wife and I are glad we chose them to take all of our worldly possessions and move them safely and soundly from New Jersey to our new home in Israel.  To all those out there planning to make Aliyah, don't even bother shopping around.  KEF will meet or beat their competition and take away all the worry and stress of moving half way around the world!

    Charles Stockum Moved from NJ to Kfar Saba, June 2017
  • Kef team was fast and responsive.  Helpful at every step.  They anticipate needs and make it as easy as possible on the mover.    Moving in US was likewise professional, flexible and prompt.  Delivery team in Israel.. they did their job just fine.

    David Bienenfeld Moved Cincinatti to Beit Shemesh, Aug 2017
  • Thank you for making our lift from Teaneck, New Jersey to Modi'in, Israel a very positive experience.  We are pleased to tell you that our lift arrived in Israel without any damage or breakage.   Your crew in New Jersey treated each of our possessions in a most professional and caring way.  They worked efficiently, were pleasant and were most competent.  In Israel the crew worked efficiently and quickly. Adam, Daniel and Joan from Kef International and Guy of BestGuy Moving Services always responded to our questions in a most timely fashion using their knowledge and vast experience.  With their help, we began our new life on a most pleasant note.

    Joan & Jeffrey Ashenberg Moved from Teaneck to Modiin, Jan 2017
  • Kef International did a professional job moving my possessions from California to Israel....all went quite well.

    Alvin Fuchs Moved from California to Central Israel, March 2017
  • When I was planning my Aliyah I had to pick a company to transport my household and personal items to Israel.  I chose Kef International and it changed my life.  Not only were they patient and helpful, I had a perfect move.  Not one item was lost or broken, but then I needed to find an apartment to rent so I asked Neil Kummer if he knew of any apartments for rent.  He didn't but referred me to his wife, Frances Kummer, a real estate agent.  She found all my apartments.  In total 4 in the past 5 years and she also found me the apartment I finally purchased.  It is fully accessible and has 3 bedrooms and two bathrooms and a gorgeous mirpesset [or terrace].  She was so patient with me and really listened to what I asked for and needed.  She never showed me apartments that were inappropriate and was straight forward and very honest in all her dealings with me as was Neil.  I highly recommend their services to all new olim who need to move and to everyone seeking a home in Israel.

    Roz Ebrahimoff
  • The packers were wonderful and on time. The delivery people were also on time and very easy to deal with. I would recommend this company.

    Sandy Schaffner Moved from Cali. to RBS, January 2017
  • Every step of our move was handled superbly by your team.  We tell everyone that we speak to about our move what a wonderful experience we had using you.  I greatly appreciate also the additional helpful information that you provided like using Currencies Direct.  Please feel free to use me as a reference.

    Avraham Grant Moved from Baltimore to Jerusalem, Aug 2016
  • I want to stress that the advice and efficient service that we have received from KEF and its contractors (BestGuy etc) has been excellent and we have enjoyed and appreciated the friendly and professional interaction.

    Gavin Samuels Moved from NY to Jerusalem, Dec 2016
  • Kef's crew, both in the U.S. And in Shoresh, were professional, polite, and skillful.. The packing was done carefully and well, and therefore all our things came undamaged.
    It was easy to communicate with Kef, they were very responsive and informative.
    We would not hesitate to recommend Kef to our friends.
    Ruchama Seliger Moved from NY to Shoresh, Nov 2016
  • We actually didn't need to make Aliyah... we just needed to ship some boxes in a container out from Israel to the USA guys are doing a great job! Your service is amazing, and if I'd ever need your services, I wouldn't hesitate to contact you 🙂
    Tehila Gonen
  • All 3 of and my kids in Sha'alvim and in Yerushalayim felt that things went smoothly and that all the staff did a great job... Absolute pleasure and no stress.  Thank you.

    Ahuva Epstein Moved from Miami to Netanya, Nov 2016
  • All process of shipment went very well, it was smooth and with excellent communication with Polish partners of Kef and Kef itself in Israel. We experienced small problems in Poland with the custom declaration (it was made not properly at the beginning), but the Polish partners of Kef reacted immediately and made all possible efforts to correct the mistake and eventually they succeeded. It was a good choice to make my Aliyah shipment with Kef International. Toda raba!

    Ewa Dor Moved from Poland to Yavne, September 2016
  • The experience was excellent. Both the packers in Chicago and the delivery team here in Israel were very professional, efficient, and nice guys.  I would especially signal out the driver here in Israel who was simply brilliant in managing the truck on the small windy Jerusalem streets.

    Josef Stern Moved from Chicago to Jerusalem, September 2016
  • I would like to thank you again. We have moved many times (locally and internationally). Your company is so far the only one I would recommend and use myself again without any hesitation. The process from start to end was smooth, efficient and without a single issue. Much easier than anticipated...Both teams were committed and efficient. They both went beyond what was agreed, in order to achieve total customer satisfaction.

    Jakob Schwerdt Moved from NY to Tel Aviv, September 2016
  • Kef provided us with wonderful service and we would definitely recommend them in the future. All our boxes arrived safely and not one thing was missing or broken.

    Stephanie Bratnick Moved from NJ, July 2016
  • We believe that the Kef people are very experienced in the move from the US to Israel, and we are very glad that we chose them to move us. They were courteous and helpful at both ends and very careful with our belongings. Almost everything was in good condition upon arrival.

    Judy Goldman Moved from Miami to Ma'ale Adumim, August 2016
  • Everybody was patient, pleasant and helpful. Everything was explained to me beforehand. I recommend Kef International to anyone looking to move across the ocean. They're all a great group of people!!

    Evelyn Kopeika Moved New Jersey to Beer Sheva, July 2016
  • This company deserves your business as they know what to do and when to do it with truth and responsibilities. They saved me $2,000 more than anyone else could have. May the Almighty bless  them.

    Chaim Spiegel Moved from NY to Jerusalem, Aug 2016
  • Exceeded all my expectations. Speechless!!! The best!!!!! Again I have to say it…THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!! Recommend to all. Made the move effortless. I didn't even feel I was moving.

    Abo Suyonov Moved July 2016
  • Everything was great. We are very happy that we have chosen Kef to be our delivery company. From our 1st conversation we felt the empathy and the understanding. All was wrapped very well and arrived home in very good condition. Kef was recommended to us by friends and we'll continue to do so.

    Moshe Eshed Moved from Miami, July 2016
  • Kef International was reliable and honest. All the financial obligations were clear as were other instructions. I knew just what to expect and when. I would definitely recommend them. In fact, I did and my girlfriend is going to use them.

    Debra Brickner Moved Dec 2015
  • Kef did a great job...  Their pricing was excellent, the packing & unpacking teams are fabulous. They take the time to make sure everything is packed well and is safely places where you want it. Delays in shipping were disappointing, but Kef staff gave good updates. Be willing to talk about what you can afford. Solid value for my money.  

    Wendi Leer-Elias Moved Jan 2016
  • Our moving experience was extremely smooth thanks to the professionalism of everyone. There were absolutely no glitches along the way. Everything happened on schedule and as planned (except for arrival of ship to Ashdod 3 days late -- but that was to be expected), and communication with Kef was excellent. A huge to Jerusalem could have been fraught with difficulty, but it wasn't thanks to the first-rate service by Kef from pick up to dealing with customs to delivery at our new home. Kef has also been very helpful in helping us move our landlady's furniture out and in to storage. Thank you!

    Rene Ghert-Zand Moved August 2014
  • Everything was easy and fast, the packing team was very professional. Had no surprise with the payment and arrival date

    Maayan Brenner Moved June 2014
  • From the moment I spoke to your first representative to the last few minutes of the delivery, I felt that everyone from Kef International always had my best interests in mind. The packers were kind and always had patience and were very courteous. The delivery men were amazing. They were strong, careful and willing to put every box in the right place. I would certainly use Kef and recommend them to all of my friends with a shipment.

    Carol Goldin Moved June 2014
  • Kef always answered questions in a  very timely manner and did their best to expedite our shipment which was 4 weeks to the day of our arrival in Israel.

    Carolyn Bialow Moved August 2014
  • The door to door service was exemplary. I would strongly recommend Kef to anyone considering an overseas shipment

    Baruch Singer Moved June 2014
  • All and all very satisfied. everything went smoothly, quickly and at reasonable cost. Everything arrived safe and sound and within a reasonable time. Communication from and with Kef was timely and helpful.

    Aron Trauring Moved from NY to Tel Aviv
  • I wanted to tell you how wonderfully seamlessly this whole procedure was...from my first contact with Daniel until the delivery team...everything worked like clockwork and so quickly I was amazed!! It looks like nothing was broken, and I believe all arrived, so I just want to thank you for the wonderful service you provide and how easily it all went...ישר כוח והקב"ה יבורך אתכם מכל טוב תחת השמים! Toda rabba for everything. All your staff was always kind and courteous!!

    Dina Sonnenblick Moved from Brooklyn to Netanya, June 2015
  • I am very satisfied with all aspects of the shipping experience with Kef. The packers and especially the delivery team were exceptional in their professionalism. As far as the communication team goes, my emails and calls were answered promptly and correctly. I am making Aliyah only once, but if I were to do it again, Kef would be shipping company! Thank you Adam, Joan, and Daniel!

    Marlene Sokol Moved July 2015
  • The on site personnel were excellent.  The packed carefully and took great care for our possessions. I was totally satisfied with KEF as my shipping company and would highly recommend them. I would happy to be used as a reference.

    Elliot Auerbacher Moved from Englewood, Oct 2015
  • Kef International, is responsible, professional and hands on company from start to end. I would recommend Kef International. The staff was always available and friendly.

    Iris Gilbert Moved from Rockville to Givatayim, Sep 2015
  • We received AMAZING service and everything arrived in perfect condition. I would recommend KEF to anyone shipping overseas and hope to use them again in the future.

    Deanna Lubin Moved from Weston, Sep 2015
  • I was quite pleased with Kef's service… Things were very well packed.  My whole shipment arrived safely and intact.  There was absolutely no loss and no breakage.  The men who delivered here in Israel, were terrific and worked very rapidly and considering the size of our house I was very impressed.  In general things went well Joan, at the Kef office was particularly helpful, and the men who delivered to our house in Israel were WONDERFUL.

    Sandra Woolf Moved from Laguna Woods to RBS, Sep 2015
  • I highly recommend Kef. They are very professional and I had a great experience with them.

    Susan Newman Moved from Teaneck, Sep 2015
  • From the pickup to the delivery, and all of the in between, Kef International has satisfied our needs, responded to our questions in a timely fashion. We are very appreciative.

    Henny Chanina Moved from Crown Heights, Sep 2015
  • I had a great experience with Kef. Every one has provided great customer service. If I had to do it over again, I would pick Kef. The staff was professional and courteous. Thank you Kef!

    Yohanan Rodriguez Moved to Beer Sheva, Oct 2015
  • Kef made our move efficient and easy. We got so much information from them about absolutely everything we needed to know- documentation, scheduling, customs, even what to pack and what to leave. The packing and delivery teams worked quickly and neatly, and were so patient with us and careful with our stuff. Thank you, Kef, for bringing us home!

    Deena Shulman Moved from Forest Hills to RBS, Aug 2015
  • We'd recommend using Kef. Our lift arrived on time and in good shape. Crews on either end were helpful and professional.

    Ovi and Michal Jacob
    Ovi and Michal Jacob Moved from New Milford, NJ to Modiin, Aug 2015
  • The Kef team was wonderful to work with.  They were immediately responsive to questions and willing to clarify anything we did not fully understand.  They made the move of our goods smooth and stress free. We appreciated their advice and their handling everything from the landing of the goods to their arrival and placement in our apartment .

    Lisa Schachter
    Lisa Schachter Moved from Cleveland, Nov 2015